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"Your expertise shows through so clearly with all of the changes that you suggested.  Thank you again!  You're the "BEST"!"

Real Estate Agent


"I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Property Styling for a job well done.  Wendy came to our rescue when we had absolutely no luck selling our home.  Our house was on the market for 6 months with no takers.  Wendy came in and introduced us to staging.  Her professionalism and ease made the whole experience totally enjoyable.  Not only did our old home receive a facelift, but it also sold firm in under 2 weeks of being staged!  Thank you Wendy!"


"You were great.  Diplomatic, apologetic.  You backed off when you needed to and kept things within a reasonable budget for them.  The place looked much better even before we left and they've been working tirelessly at implementing your suggestions."
Real Estate Agent
"It was very nice meeting with you on Sunday and working with you.  I will absolutely recommend you to my friends and family when they find themselves looking to move, or simply looking to redecorate.  I have to say - you are certainly not what I expected!  I expected someone stuck up and someone who was going to walk around my house critiquing and judging.  You certainly were not!  I have gone through your list and I thank you for that.  Everything on that list has been done!  My house looks amazing right now - the way I always wanted it to look!"


"I think you did a fabulous job and  I know that the changes/suggestions you recommended definitely improved the sale price and lessened the days on the market".
Real Estate Agent


"She made our home warm and inviting - accentuating the architecture and space to our best advantage...creating a great first impression!  Thank you, Wendy!"


"You are truly a wonderful stager!  This is your calling".
Real Estate Agent


"Working with Wendy was a pleasure!  Her creativity and ideas in staging our home were fantastic.  We had many compliments on the staging and our house had multiple offers and sold within 2 weeks!  Thanks again, Wendy!"


"Property Styling came in, recommended a few changes such as new counter-top and flooring on the main level.  It was also recommended that we paint the entire main floor, stairwell, and upstairs hallway.  Wendy chose the colours for us and made all of the arrangements with the painter and contractors.   We carried through with all of the recommendations.  We had Property Styling de-clutter and stage the house, using our own furnishings and accessories.  The property was then listed and it sold in 2 days!  Thank you so much to Property Styling!"

"I just wanted to thank you so much for coming last week and literally transforming our place. I can't tell you how pleased both of us were with what you did - our guests agreed the place looked amazing.  I like where we hung my pictures too - that way I too am represented in that big, big house.  Anyway we have said more than once that you are a genius for what you did to that living room, especially.  Thank you again for really helping me love my house again.  We so appreciate your amazing sense of aesthetics - and of course all of the elbow grease too.  As I was saying, you guys are absolutely full service!"



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