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Home Staging

Most homebuyers are looking at houses online - viewing pictures and eliminating a number of homes from the list of potentials.   The average homebuyers will not venture out to see a house unless the pictures appeal to them online. 
So what does that mean to you if you're selling?  Well, it may not matter what upgrades have been done to your property, which neighbourhood you live in, or what great architectural features you have in your home.  Each room must be appealing on a 2" by 3" frame on a smart phone!  You don't want to be eliminated! 
Home staging...

Reduces advertising costs and time spent on the market

Maintains asking price

Renews the property to appeal to a vast majority of prospective buyers

Revives exterior space for maximum curb appeal

Creates a "wow" factor for that great first impression
Shows sellers your commitment to them as a realtor by offering the home staging service   
consultationas part of your fees
Adds a "middle man" to provide clear objectives, maintaining the relationship between realtor    and seller
Creative and cost-effective ideas to make listings shine online
Commitment to utilizing furnishings already in the home, eliminating the need for rentals

wherever possible

Hands-on experience to get the job done in the quickest amount of time

Understanding and sensitivity to a variety of situations and needs

Commitment and loyalty to realtors and homeowners
Vast working knowledge and experience in real estate transactions





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